Your First
A simple guide to self discovery, activation, and breakthrough.

“The lessons he teaches encompass the importance of being passionate about all one’s pursuits and developing the discipline and perseverance required to transform dreams into realities. I see Jadell’s influence in my daughter’s character everyday in the positive energy that infuses her spirit.”


-Tiffany Burchill
Whether you are a preteen or a young adult, Your First Position will prepare you for life, and shed light on your journey, starting now. Author, speaker, and choreographer Jadell Lee presents a message that is as fun and enthusiastic as it is revelatory. You will learn concepts and ideas that will answer your deepest life questions, such as:

· How do I start moving in the direction of my dreams?

· How do I find my rhythm, where I can perform optimally?

· How do I discover my strengths and eliminate my weaknesses?
This book serves as a guide for those in need of a breakthrough.